Summer Time Reading Slow Down

Posted: April 29, 2014 in Thoughts on Reading



Well Its spring and summer is fast approaching. I have stopped taking the bus everywhere and am now riding my bike. I won’t be reading as much books over the next 5 months or so. Slowing things down a bit and enjoying the beautiful weather. Kind of hard to read a book while riding my bike. There is always Google glasses but my wife tells me that is 2 dangerous so I guess that idea is off the table :P.

This is why it has taken me so long to get another book review up on here. But don’t worry I will still be reading and posting reviews as I finish each book. I hope that you will continue to visit to see my progress on the currently reading page.

I am almost done Words of Radiance and look forward to posting my review on this book. Hopefully my children will give me some time each day to keep reading rather than the 30 minutes a day I get at work on my breaks. I’m sure they will late at night when they are in bed.

I hope to get more than 1 book a month but we will see what happens over the next 5 months. I usually start busing everywhere again mid-late October when the weather here gets cold, wet and snowy.

Thanks for your patients as I take things a bit slower over the spring/summer/fall months as I wont be getting as much books read as I do from October – May. With any luck Words of radiance will be posted within the next week or so then A dance with dragon book 5 of a song of fire and ice by George R R Martin.

As always thanks for reading and Stopping by my book reviews, please share with family and friends and as always I am open to suggestions and comments all all posts. Always looking for someone new to read.

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