Posted: March 10, 2014 in Book Reviews


Rage of the Dragon by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. The 3rd book in the dragonships of Vindrash series. Warning spoiler alert in this review. I would recommend you read bones of the dragon and secret of the dragon first before reading this one. Also please feel free to read my reviews on those books as well.

Skylan and company have been taken prisoner and enslaved by Raegar and his new god Aelon. During their enslavement they befriend a Ogre who helps them escape as a fleet of ogres prepares for invasion. Raegar convinces Treia, Alyaen’s sister to summon one of the 5 vektia dragons. She makes a deal with a god who demands a sacrifice in exchange for telling her how to sumon the dragon which she fails to control and the city is destoyed.

Raegar and Treia escape the city in there ship while Skylan and company escape in there ship only to be surrounded by the Ogre war fleet. Skylan tries to convince the ogres he is a friend by returning the body of the new ogre friend keeper. While he is doing this Raegar summons his fire dragon to attack Skylan and his crew. Raegar soon learns that this is a mistake, summoning a fire dragon over water and his dragon flees humiliated after the devestating loss suffered against Skylans water dragon Kahg.

Not out of trouble yet both the ogres and Skylan’s ship get destroyed and attacked by a kraken and they are dragged down beneath the surface of the ocean, lucky for him and his crew they are resuced and saved by the Aquins, a human species that lives under the ocean only to find himself a prisoner yet again.

It seems skylan just can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble. This is a great addition to this series with one more to go. I really enjoyed the constant action in this volume. This one turned into a page turner with the fast paced action in every chapter.

Still quite predictable in alot of way’s but no less enjoyable regardless. I like that it is not such a complex story that you could wait several years for the next volume if you had to without having to try to remeber what happenned. Simple and easy read yet enjoyable and fun story that really brings you into the plot and really gets you loving or hating the characters.

It’s really to bad the others ones were not as good overall but it is nice to see these characters getting some more depth that the first volumes did not have. Though still simple making the characters quite easy to understand motivational wise. I must admit that characters that are hard to predict and understand make for a more intellectually challenging read. If you prefer that kind of story then this is not a story for you. I enjoyed it however so i’m sure you will as well.

I give this book 6.1/10 book worms


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