Posted: March 3, 2014 in Book Reviews


Secret of the Dragon by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

The second book in the dragonship series. This picks up where the last one left off. Skylan and his crew have been taken prisoner back to a strange land as slaves. They are branded and punished if they disobey and attempt to go against there new masters.

Treia and Alyean are the only ones not branded as Raegar, Skylan’s cousin who captured them, plans on using them to his advantage. Skylan and crew are forced to particapate in the Para Dix games. A game of battle and war for the entertainment of the masses of this new land.

A Ogre war fleet is on its way to commence war in this new land as the Gods of the Ogres and the God of this new land battle for supreme rulership. This has become a 3 way war between the Gods of the ogres, The gods of the Vindrasi and the God of these new people they have become slaves to.

It is not 2 long before it is discovered that the people of this strange land have one of the 5 Vektan dragon bones which they manipulate Treia into summoning one of these dragons. She makes a deal with a God to learn the secret of summoning one of the vektan dragons.

As the Ogre fleet approaches the dragon is released but no one knows the secret to controlling the dragon, at least no one but Skylan

I really enjoyed this volume of the series. Skylan starts to grow up and mature in this volume and finds that he has been humbled quite a bit after everything that has happenned. His guilt for everything he has done wrong because of his selfish pride begins to come through and what was previously a 2 dimensional character starts to show some real human qualities.

The story moves at a decent pace and really starts to get interesting. Less explanation and world building this time around and more story telling. That made it much more enjoyable than the first volume of this series.

If there is one character I really like in this sereies so far It would have to be Wulfe. A strange orphan boy who can talk to faery creatures and seems to have some mystal powers. He is a funny kid and mysterious at the same time. He was raised by wolves and behaves like one much of the time. Most people in the story find him to be harmless but a bit of pest most of the time. Showing up just when you need him and the rest of the time not knowing where he is or what he is up to but somehow always around the help you out when you need it.

I am really enjoying this series of books. I do find it to be better than the dragonlance which it is comparable to. This volume ends with a cliff hanger that leaves you wanting to read the next volume which I will be sure to do.

I give this book 6/10 book worms

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