Posted: February 20, 2014 in Book Reviews


Bones Of The Dragon: Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

This is the first book in the dragonship series.

The Vindrasi God’s have become under threat by a new legion of Gods. Subtle signs begin to emerge as the bone preistesses struggle to communicate with the God’s

The Torgon clan of the vindrassi comes under seige by a warrior tribe of ogres and summons the aide of the chief of chiefs of the vindrassi nation. He does not respond to there call for help and convinces the rest of the clans that the Torgon have brough this crisis upon themselves due to there failure to have had a successful raid of late the God’s must be angry with them.

Skylan Ivorson who is the war chief and Norgard’s son, chief of the Torgon is a skilled warrior but also lacks in any humility at all. He can’t see the forest for the trees and has quite the attitude of entitlement. On behalf of his father, he Fights the chief of chiefs with the promise that he will make his father the chief of chiefs and honor him with that position, but when the time comes he takes the crown for himself. He learns the truth about how Horg, previous chief of chiefs had betrayed his own people to save his skin by giving the sacred vektan torque to the ogres in the first place. He also learns how the previous bone preistesses draya had poisoned his opponnent and robbed Torval, the god of war, of his judgement. Feeling shamed by this as well guilty for taking the crown from his father whom he promised it to he begins looking desperatley for a way to save his skin while getting rid of his new wife draya.

Mysteriously his cousin Raegar shows up whom everyon thought was dead many years ago and helps him devise and plan to cover his compounding lies, save his skin and arrange his marriage to the one girl he truly loves Alayean who secretly loves his best friend Garn, however things do not go as planned and Raegar has a secret plan of his own.

While not a dragon lance book it certainly reads like one. Combining vikings and dragon lance into a new series which I did enjoy reading. Like much of Tracy Hickman’s and Margaret Weis’s writings however the characters are very predictable and 2 dimensional. Nothing suprising happens in the books without any plot twists or unforseen events or plot changes.

That being said however it does set up the story quite well. Much of the first book set up the religion of these people and how there religion plays and important role in there dragon worship and cultural ideals.

Overall though I would say worth reading and enjoyable I would give this book 6/10 book worms

  1. Rabindranauth says:

    Other than this series, did they write any other books featuring dragons that AREN’T part of Dragonlance? I’d love to read some of their “stand alone” works, just not Dragonlance. I don’t want to sign up for another shared-world, I’m already reading Star Wars as is, lol.

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