Posted: February 4, 2014 in Book Reviews


STEELHEART by Brandon Sanderson

A new series from Brandon Sanderson. This book has what I believe to be an interesting premise. An event referred to as calamity cause strange mutations in normal people. They gain supernatural powers that corrupt them. They become what is referred to as Epics. These Epics however are not good guys. It is a world filled with super villains and no super heroes.

David our main character at the age of 8 witnesses the murder of his father by a Epic named Steelheart. He is widely consider the most powerful of all Epics. He is invincible. Bullets can’t hurt him, fire cannot hurt him. No weapons known to man can harm him. However on the day David’s fathered is murdered he sees steel heart bleed. He knows he has a weakness and spends the next 10 years looking for a way to exploit it.

David teams up with the Reckoners. A group of ordinary humans who spend there lives fighting and exploiting the weakness of Epics and kills them off.

There are many questions about the Origins of the Epics. Were they the result of a Government experiment? Are they even human? What was it about calamity that changed the laws of physicist and created the Epics?

David has spent years seeking vengeance but starts to doubt the work he is doing with the Recockners. He questions whether what he is doing is right or not. He has effectively become a terrorist. He try’s to convince himself that what he is doing is right. “What we were doing was basically, terrorism. But we’re the good guys, I told myself. Of course, what terrorist didn’t think he or she was the good guy? We were doing something important, but what would that matter to the family of the cleaning woman accidentally killed”

The characters in this book are believable, loveable and really draw you into the story. I love the concept and the writing style. At times quirky but in a way that helps the story along. The characters have some great development and are real. They are not flat and have a mystery to them that really speaks to there humanity. They have there strength, but all have there weakness as well which strengthens them rather than impedes them.

Great story flow and sound development. This book set up a series quite well and I eagerly anticipate the next volume in this series. Possibly a prequel of books as well as you just don’t know much about calamity and what it was. The book leaves that open enough and mysterious enough that Sanderson can really explore the origins of the Epics in greater degree.

A must read for any Brandon Sanderson fan. I highly recommend it. The next volume Firefight is due to be out in the Fall of 2014

I Give this book 9/10 book worms.

  1. Tyler Rudd Hall says:

    Now I want to read this book. I’ll add it to my ever increasing list.

  2. Pabkins says:

    I agree they were some great awesome quirks to the characters! I’m aching to read the next one as well!

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