Posted: January 23, 2014 in Book Reviews

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Dracula sucks!!!

Your blood. LOL. Sorry could not resist the vampire joke. I know it was corny, cheesy and whatever other word you might want to use to describe a dumb joke. Now on to the the actual review of this Classic by Bram Stoker

Count Dracula from Transylvania has hired a real estate agent fron London England to help him find a new home in England as he plans to move to London. Mr Harker the real estate agent is invited to meet the count at his current home in Transylvania, Romania.

Mr harker is suprised to find the people of this country suprisingly superstitious. They give him crosses and other things to ward of evil. Being ignorant of castle Dracula and the Count he soon learns why all the superstitions surrounding the things which he has been given.

He eventually escapes from the count and makes it back to London where the count has now moved as well. Soon strange things start to happen and a strange sickness begins to aflict the people. There teeth get sharper, they start having odd sleeping patterns and strange wounds appear on there necks.

Needless to say the mystery begins to unfold as Mr Harker and his friends begin to unravel this mystery and find the culprit of this new chaos that is stalking the land.

I really enjoyed this story. It was fun and well written. Enteratining and enjoyable. Suprising because I have never enjoyed the vampire genre and really am not that into the occult undead type of storys. This one however kept me interested.

The pace of the story and development of the characters transformation was well documented and recorded. The book tells the story as a series of jounal entrys and letters to the different characters as they chase down the vampier that has cause all the suffering.

I really enjoyed the lunatic in the assylum. It kept me wondering through most of the story why he was part of the story and what he had to do with the vampire as they seemed completly unrelated to the story in any way. Yet you knew throughout the book that he was somewhow related to the story. As you read you start to understand and it comes together quite nicely.

Overall this was a good read and well worth picking up or downloading to you e-reader. A good story espcecially if you like the occult, gothic type of story

I give this book a 7/10 book worms.


  1. Rabindranauth says:

    Probably my all time favorite classic! Just bloody love it, lol. I re-read it so often I may as well just make it a yearly schedule.

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