Posted: January 20, 2014 in Thoughts on Reading


Shannara has long been one of my favorite series of books. Terry Brooks who I find to be a incredibly talented writer has been very successful with numerous books surrounding the world of Shannara that he has created. A future world after the destruction of the world we know today. according to this will be done by MTV.

Now I just want to say that I love the idea of a TV series based on this series of books. That is a great idea because so much fantasy writing simply cannot be adequately adapted to a 2-3 hour movie. There is just 2 much involved. This is one of the primary reason that Game Of Thrones went for the tv options instead of movies. HBO has been quite successful with this series of books to TV. A TV series I am thoroughly enjoying and I think has been done quite well.

ABC and Disney adapted Terry Goodkind’s sword of truth to TV in the TV series Legend of the Seeker. They did an OK job with it but completely failed to tell the story. The characters and main story line were about all the remained the same. There was a lot in the TV series that was not in the books and almost nothing of the books in the TV series. You really have to enjoy it like it’s a whole different story that happens to share the same characters and world.

This upcoming adaption however is something that I don’t think will be any good. This is the network that brought you Teen mom, Jersey shore, and 16 and pregnant. A network that seems to specialized in unintelligent crap TV. I am disappointed in this development. I want to see this come to TV or theaters. That would be great but please don’t let MTV do this. Space channel, sci fi or HBO would be much better choices, even ABC and Disney would be better choice despite there failed attempt at Goodkind’s sword of truth.

Seriously how could Brooks honestly think that MTV had any chance of doing this right? Despite all of this I will probably tune in when the show starts with hopes that it is better than I expect.

My message to MTV please, please, please don’t screw this up. Don’t cheap out and make sure this is done right. And MR. Brooks I hope you know what kind of risk you are taking selling this option to a network that can’t seem to produce anything of quality. No matter what happens with this series I will always be a fan of your books. Quality and good story telling is your strength MR. Brooks, sadly it is not MTV’S strength

Let me know what you think

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