Posted: January 14, 2014 in Book Reviews


DR Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Lois Steveson

Many people already know the story of DR Jekyll and Mr Hyde. While the story is short it certainly has some things in common with our day.

DR Jekyll spends his time in his lab expiermenting with drugs which he test on him self. These drugs transform him into MR Hyde who embodies all that is evil and his natural sinful inclinations about himself. At first he thinks this is great. He can change into MR Hyde and enjoy life in any way he choose with no thought of the consequences because he can simply transform back into DR Jekyll. However he soon start to loose control of MR Hyde and finds as he gives into his sinful desires that he no longer has control over when he becomes My Hyde and when he is Dr. Jekyll. His evil counterpart slowy but surely starts to take over his body, sould and mind.

Its intersting for me to note that DR Jekyll’s change came about because of the use of pharmaeutical drugs. There are many drugs on the market today that have the effect of altering our minds, moods and thought processes as the drugs that DR Jekyll created changed him into MR Hyde. We in effect have a this same scenario playing out in our modern medical world today with thousands of people on pyschotropic drugs altering there minds on a daily basis.

This is a good parabe of our time. The moral of the story is if we allow our vices and sinful natures to take control of our mind and souls we will slowy but surely become the evil thatwe do not wish to be. We must maintain control over our sinful natures lest our sinful natures control us.

While this story is a short one it contains a moral that we can all relate to on some level. We all have MR or MRS Hyde lurking beneath our conscious minds. We all struggle with our evil inclinations. We fight a against them on a daily basis. let this story be a warning to us all to not loose control of our natural and sinful inclinations.

I got through this book in a day. Short and easy read however I really felt that there could of been so much more to this story considering the topic and theme behind it. There was so much room for more story that the short amount given to it just does not do it justice. This story could of easily of been 5-10 times longer thant it was. For that reason it looses some points. I do however feel that it was a good story thought the writing was not captivating nor entertaining to read. It read more like a summary of story.

The final chapter which encompasses DR Jekyll’s version of the story is all you need to read in this book. You can skp the first 9 chapters and just read the final chapter 10 and you would not of missed anything. After reading the final chapter it just felt like the others were completley uneccesary and really quite pointless. In the end A good story told poorly.

overall however I would give this book a 5/10 book worms. Thats being generous simply because it was a Great story just told quite poorly It could of been told alot better than it was.



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