The Phantom Of The Opera

Posted: January 11, 2014 in Book Reviews


The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux

This has long been one of my favorite storys ever since I saw the Broadway musical by Andrew Loyd Webber. It was at the time that I absolutely fell in love with the Character of the Phantom of the Opera.

He is mysterious and tragic. Loved and despised by man and woman alike. He is a man with passions and a Genius of musical ability. The phantom while hiding in the shadows tutors Mrs Daae to becoming a opera star. His love for her leads him to Kidnap her and bring her to his home on the lake under the opera house. While there she unmasks the phantom and his wrath is brought to full fury. He tells her she can never be free because of the truth she now has seen of his horrid face.  The Phantom bewails in lloyd webbers version. “why do you ask was I bound in chained in this cold and dismal place, not for any mortal sin but for the wickedness of my abhorrent face”. This sums up this moment quite well.

Christine is finally released with the promise that she will return. She continues her courtship with Raoul however the phantom being the jealous type does not allow this to continue and kidnaps her yet again the night before they were to leave and be married. Raul in a desperate attempt to get her back heads down to the phantoms lair where he forces Christine to marry her under threat of killing everyone at the opera.

This is a heartwarming and tragic story of a man desperate for love and affection that he has never had. A mask was his first unfeeling scrap of clothing to quote lloyd webber again. His desperation drives him to acts of insanity and murder desperate to be loved.

After seeing Andrew Lloyd Webbers Phantom of the Opera I can honestly say that the book spoiled some of the fun of the story for me. We now know more than we should of the Phantom. His mysterious nature was part of the intrigue of the story. It was what made his character so enticing, haunting and what made you feel so much compassion for him. The Phantom is still my favorite character of all time but now the mystery is gone for me. I know to much about him and in a way wish I had not read the book.

That being said however I still really Enjoyed the book. The Phantoms plight still brings the emotional connection to the character that makes him so loveable at the end. Haunted by a lifetime of pain and suffering you can not help but have compassion on him. His very soul is crying out for love and acceptance. you cannot help but feel some empathy and sympathy for him.

The writing of the book was mediocre at best but still tells the story reasonably well. It keeps you interested to know what is going to happen next. Overall I would say that it is was a good read. If you have not seen the Broadway musical then go ahead and read it. If you have seen the musical I would not recommend it so as not to spoil the mystery of the story.

I give this book 7.5/10 book worms

  1. Rabindranauth says:

    I just didn’t enjoy this that much. It’s haunting, and it’s wonderful, but I just didn’t enjoy it. Can’t say why, really.

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