The Time Machine

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Book Reviews


The Time Machine: H.G. Wells

A classic H.G.Wells book. Published in 1895. The main character whom we only know as the time traveller invents a machine to travel through time. He ends up in the year 802,701, several hundrend thousand years past our present time. He soon discovers that mankind has evolved into 2 different specice the Eloi who live on the surface of the planet but seem to behave in a more animalistic way than humans. De evolved in a sense and child like yet beautiful to look upon. He ends up with a Eloi girlfriend meena. The other species is the morlocks who have become a species of human that dwell underground and live off the flesh of the Eloi whom they hunt at night.

It seems that these new breeds of humans have forgotten all about civiliations, literature, science, industry and so forth. They have forgotten basic things like fire and have become fearful of fire. The time traveller’s time machine has been taken by the morlocks and he depseratly tries to find his time machine again so he can return to the present day.

I must admit I enjoyed this book much more than the previous H.G Wells book the invisible man. you can read that review on this site as well. The concept of time travel and H.G. Wells vision of the future is very intrigueing. The story reads well and at a good pace. It kept me interested throughout the entire narrative.

The Characters however lacked development in any way, however I have come to expect that from H.G Wells who tends to write in the narrative style. I certainly learning that old classics are not to my personal preference or prefered reading style. That however does not make this a story that is not any good. I did enjoy this read and would recommend it for any science fiction fan. I would say one of H.G Wells better books but not a top pick overall.

I would give this book a 6.5/10 book worms


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