The Invisible Man

Posted: January 6, 2014 in Book Reviews


The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells. Published in 1897

Yep another classic from my ibook app. I got a few of them. Published in 1897 this book as your proboly already know from the title is about an invisble man. This man is a physicist who through expirementation has found a way to make him self invisible through the idea of light refraction in the same way as a prism refract light into the different light spectrums.

He shows up in a quiet town and rents a room. He asks only to be left alone in his research and not be bothered or disturbed. He is trying to discover the means of reversering the invisibility he has caused to come upon himself.

Of course he does not get what he wished. Soon his condition is discoverd and he is forced to flee. He tries to recruit help from people but they turn against him and he ends up in a flight for his life but fights back and tries to use his condition to dominate and control those who are trying to hurt and hunt him down.

I don’t know if I can really say whether I liked this book or not. While it is certainly a interesting story the writing really did not hold my interest. I found my mind wondering quite a bit while reading it. It just did not hold alot of interest for me.

The writing styles was different from other H.G. Wells books in that it was not a 3rd person narritive. I did enjoy the style more than war of the worlds but found the story flow rather boring at times. There was really no character development and gererally not much of a story flow. Considering H.G. Wells is considered a writer of classic science fiction literautre I am sure there will be a few who disagree with my assesment.

This book leaves quite a bit to be desired. There is so much more he could of done with this story. While it is a short book the lengh was to long to tell such a lack of story seems the best way to describe it. This book could of been 20-30% shorter and not of missed anything. I just found it kind of dull and boring to be honest.

A dissapointment and I would not recomend this book for reading. Perhaps my expectations were a bit to high for this one. After all Wells is considered to be such a good writer perhaps went in expecting more. Sadly this is honeslty the first book I would not recommend. if you are an avid H.G. Wells fan sorry to dissapoint you if you were expecting a good review. I just can’t give you one in this case. Good story but poor story telling I felt. If you can’t keep me interested then it’s not good writing.

I give this book 3/10 book worms

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