Your Favorite Character

Posted: December 16, 2013 in Thoughts on Reading

Ender_Wiggin harry

Ender Wiggin                                                                      Harry Potter

paulclose00 Rand_protecting_min_ebook

Paul Maud Dib                                              Rand Al Thor

richard rahl

Richard Rahl

Do you have a favorite character from a book. Any that really stick out to you and you can’t help but feel like there your best friend in the whole wide world. I know I certainly do. The pictures above are just some of my favorites. I really dont think I could included them all. Thats part of why I love reading so much. Characters that stick with you. That are alwasy on your mind wondering what is going on in there lives now.

I admit that at times I have gotten so caught up in there storys that I forget they are not real. Has that ever happenned to you? If you asked my wife she would tell you that she has to remind me at times that its not real. She has to snap me back to reality. I fall asleep at night worried about my friends from the realms of science fiction and fantasy. I admit that at times I have come home looking worried or depressed. Generally just not seeming to be all that happy. When my wife asks me what’s wrong I have gone into this elaborate explanation of what is happenning to my friends and she just looks at me and says “Andrew, it’s not real, it’s just a book everything is going to be OK” She is rolling her eyes at me as I write this post.

I just can’t seem to help myself. When it comes to picking a Favorite character I just can’t do it. They are all so real, good, amazing and have become my best friends. Thats the great thing abour reading. It’s not just about a good story but meeting new imaginary people from imaginary places and you get to share there lifes with them. Through the characters you are sharing your life with you can begin to grasp and understand what life is all about. you can understand your self better by seeing and reading what they are dealing with. you may find yourself thinking at times that what they are dealing with is just like something you yourself have expirenced or are dealing with now. Through these characters your can learn more about our own and human nature in general.

I love meeting new people even if they are not real. Do you have a favorite character? if so let me know

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