Posted: December 15, 2013 in Thoughts on Reading


For as long as I Can remember I have been hooked on reading. I really don’t know how it started for sure but what I do remeber is that I was raised on Star Trek. One day I found out that there is such a thing as Star Trek book. I thought that this was so cool. I didn’t know that you could read a Star Trek book. I started buying and reading Star Trek books like crazy. I must of been 12 years old give or take. I loved reading about the characters I grew to love watching on tv. I found my self drawn into a world of imagination that was so different from the world of the screen that I was so used to before.

I remeber that my school teacher got tired of me reading Star Trek and giving book reports on Star Trek that she said to me one day “I will not accept another Star Trek book report its time you read something else”. I have to admit I was kind of annoyed but reluctantly picked up something else. I had no idea what could possibly be so entertaining as Star Trek. Then one day I found a book that changed my view on reading. It was Michael Crhicton’s Adromeda strain. Suddenly there was something else worth reading and something good and I soon learned something far better than anything I had read previously. Suddenly I learned that if something is not Star Trek it is good as well. In fact Far better than anything else.

Since then I have been hooked on reading. There is something about a good book that takes to you magical worlds. Expands your imagination and the possibilityss that are out there. When you read a good book you are taken to a different world where anything is possible. You find yourself having empahty for the characters. Loving the charactes. Hating the characters. I find myself not being able to put a good book down.

Reading a good book can inspire you to do better as a person. It can bring you to tears or make your heart race. You love, hate, forgive, and become part of the story. You feel the pain of your friends from the story. You feel there hearts utmost desires. You grow to love them. You laugh with them, cry with them. A good story told well will last forever in your memory. I love reading and can’t ever see my self stopping. I am most certainly hooked on reading. And if your reading or visiting this blog I am willing to bet you are to.

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