Posted: November 1, 2013 in Book Reviews


This is the 3rd book in the Dark Legacy series by Terry Brooks.

It picks up where the last books lefts off. Redden is still trapped in the forbidding with the shape shifter companion and the ulk bog guide desperatley looking for a way out. Railing and Mirai are continuing there search for Grianne Ohmsford the former Ard Rhys of the druids. Arlingphant and Aphenglow continue there search for the blood fire so that they can restore the ellscry tree which keeps the demons locked away in the forbidding. And the Straken Lord is still determined to make Grianne his queen.

The Forbidding is collapsing and the demons of that world are breaking free into the world. The Straken Lord brings his army of 100’s of thousands of demons to the world and begins to lay seige and destroy all that stand in his way. The situation seems quite hopeless, and with the elvin nation going through a period of instability and the druid order completley decimnated there seems to be no hope.

This book is filled with action, adventure and fun. The story moves along and a good pace. With some suprises that keep you reading this makes for an entertaining read. as usual Terry Brooks does not dissapoint. I would reccomend this series to any fantasy fan.

I give this book 8.5/10 book worms

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