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The third kingdom is the sequal to the Omen Machine, which takes place after the events in the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. Richard and Kahlan had just escaped the Hedge Maid at the end of the Omen Machine. This book picks up where this left off.

To bring you up to speed I will send you a brief summary of the Omen Machine. Richard and Kahlan are contentedly enjoying Cara’s marriage when a boy named Henrik approaches them. He warns them of dark things to come before scratching them both and running away. This unexpected turn of events leaves them perplexed. Soon after, Cara warns Richard and the group that something or someone was watching her in her room. At first unbelieving, Richard and Kahlan notice the same spooky presence on their own. Shortly after these events, prophecies starts coming from the most unexpected places and people. Ominously, all of the prophecies that are being uttered are also appearing in a book titled the Book of Regulus. This evenutally leads Richard and Kahlan to the Hedge maid. A practitioner of dark death magic whose lips have been sown shut at birth to prevent the scream of death escaping and killing all within range of her scream.

This book is packed full of action, walking dead, souless cannibals determined to eat you alive to capture your soul, dark occult magic, legions of the undead and terrifying situations for Richard and Kahlan who find themselves being held captive by practitioners of dark magic. Kahlan who is taken captive by an abbot and tortured to reveal prophecys to him and Richard finds himself along with his friends Cara, Ben, and his Grandfather Zed, trapped in dungeon garded by death itself desperatley search for a way out while being tortued by Hannis Arc. They come face to face with a ressurected undead Emperor from 3,000 years ago.

This book is intense, frightening and action packed. You wont want to put it down and you will be taken through there tale and living there story right along with them. this book is a must read for Terry Goodkind fans, and a highly recommended read for anyone, Great read for halloween but make sure you read The Omen Machine first. I could not put this book down and loved every minute of it. Fantastic wrighting, Incredible story telling and exciting and fast paced read. I am eargerly anticipating the next volume. As usual Terry Goodkind does not dissapoint.

I would give this one a 9.5/10 bookworms a must read!!!

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