Posted: August 19, 2013 in Book Reviews


Earth Afire by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston. Book 2 of the first Formic war.

This is the second book of the first Formic war and picks up where the first book, Earth Unaware leaves off, also written by Aaron Johnston

A brief summary of the first book without giving away 2 much info, just so you are up to speed for those who have not read it. In earth unaware a family of free miners on a ship called El Cavador is mining asteroids out in the kupier belt on the fringes and outer reaches of the solar system, detects some strange readings of an object heading towards earth at near light speed.  After they determine this is a ship of alien origin they join forces with there rival, Lem jukes of jukes limited who is in the kupier belt testing a new mining technology. This ship is quickly headed to earth and while Victor Delgado of the El Cavador races to earth to send the warning, Lem jukes and his crew team up with the free miners in an effort to stop this ship from reaching earth and what appears to be hostile intent is discovered.

Earth afire picks up with Victor finding himself in trouble after entering luna in a unauthorized vehicle with no id as he is space born, meets up with imala who learns what he came to earth to show and believes him, they begin an up hill battle to convince people to believe him.

Lem, who is struggling to deal with his father who he believes is only interested in his own bottom line, begins to find a way to take over juke limited and save humanity from the aliens by partnering with Imala and victor after a battle against the alien ship in which over 60 human ships were destroyed and several outposts as well

Back on earth the M.O.P (mobile operations police) and Mazer Rackham along with the boy Bingwen try desperately to stop the aliens who are destroying china, killing millions and destroying all life on earth as we know it. while Victor and Imala hatch a plan of there own to take out the mother ship in orbit, Mazer takes advantage of new technology developed my the Chinese to launch an attack against the Formic landers in china.

One of the things I noticed with this book, is that it is a very different writing style than I have come to expect from Orson Scott Card, which im sure is due to the co-writing with Aaron Johnston. With many of Cards writing he will use the story to tell you about the characters, while in this trilogy, it is the characters that tell you about the story. This is not a bad thing but simply a different style

Some questions this books asks is will An Aliens use radio communications? We have groups like S.E.T.I who scan the skies to listen for E.T’s radio but what if they don’t use radio? how will we know they are coming or if they even exist. What if they use a form of communication that does not conform to know communications methods?

At the time of this trilogy there is not uniform global government or supreme military government force that we see in Enders Game. It reminds me of something David Rockefeller once said “all we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the new world order”.  Alien invasions I would expect would be a crisis of such magnitude

I found this book to be a rather enjoyable read and it leaves me begging for more and eagerly anticipating the next volume. Fast paced and full of action, suspense and excitement. Good character development and overall a great read!!

I give this book at 8/10 book worms. Great read but make sure you read Earth Unaware first before this book

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