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Blood fire quest written by Terry brooks, is the second book in the dark legacy of Shannara. The first one being Wards of Faerie

to bring yo up to speed on this trilogy of books i will briefly let you know the basis of the first books. This trilogy starts 100 years after the High Durid of Shannara trilogy which has the books Jarka Russ, Tanequil, and Straken. People have grown ever increasingly distrustful of magic and its wielders, ever since the Third Council of Druids. The potential to once again find the lost Elfstones of Faerie could change that for the better, assuming that the Ard Rhys survives the attempt.

Khyber Ellesidell along with one of the ohmsford twins and there companions find themselves trapped in the forbidding, The Ellcrys tree, which is a magical tree is dying, and is the only thing keeping the demons and all there kind locked away in the forbidding. Arlingfant has been selected as the trees successor and must carry its seed to the bloodfire and immerse it, and thus start the change into a reborn Ellcrys with Arlingfant as the new Ellcrys tree. she sets out with  Aphenglow and Cymrian  on a perilouse journey to find the bloodfire.

Khyber Ellesdill and her companions are trapped in the forbidding and being held captive and tortured by the straken lord, while those left in there company are trying desperately to rescue them. The Straken lord is holding them captive in a desperate attempt to bring Khyber’s predecessor the Grianne Ohmsford back to him to become his mate as he sees her as powerful and thus wants to bring a heir of great power to his throne.

Railing, Reddens brother (redden is trapped in the forbidding) in a desperate attempt to get his brother back has embarks on a journey with a few companions in search of Grianne Ohmsford who he believes is still alive and can help save his brother

As usual Terry Brooks does not disappoint. This book is a page turner that leaves you hungry for more. I hated having to put it down. Great character development and action packed this book leaves your craving more. It makes for a good sequel to its predecessor the Wards of Faerie. I highly anticipate reading the next volume in this trilogy Witch Wraith. I would defiantly recommend reading this trilogy along with all the other Shannara books as well.

The writing style is easy to follow while leaving enough complications and plot twists and turns to leave you begging for more. A thoroughly enjoyable read that keeps your eagerly anticipating the next chapter

I give this book 8.5/10 book worms

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