Posted: May 29, 2013 in Book Reviews


This has long since been on of my favorite books of all time. As I am reading it to my daughter right now I thought I would post my review on it. Written by Orson Scott Card it is consider to be one of the best science fiction books ever written.

Enders Game is the story of a boy who is brought to a orbiting battle school where he is groomed and trained as a military leader and commander to fend of a alien invasion the people of earth know is coming. At the age of six he is thrown into increasingly more difficult situations and often left to fend for himself.

This books touches on many themes and elements and in many ways it is prescient to the reality’s of the world we live in today. First published as a series of short stories in the late 70’s much of the books story line revolves around technology’s we take for granted today. Enders brother and sister back on earth utilized the nets and blogs to further there own plans and goals and get the attention of media and governments around the world. we see much of this happening today, along with online identities and personas.

There is in Enders world a global government and war lords that control the politics and social realities of the world. In this book our online identities are strictly monitored and controlled by the global governments, as in today’s world some government monitor there citizens online activities as a regular practice and some will crack down on activity they deem a threat. We see this in today in place like china and other country’s.

Its a future which population is strictly controlled and Ender who is a 3rd must be approved by your government to exist. The world that this book paints is not a happy place and a place of uncertainty and instability.

This story is about aliens and military warfare but it is also much more about Ender. A child forced to grow up before his time and come to terms with himself. He is forced to face his fears and overcome them. He is terrified of who he is becoming and at time feels hopelessly lost. This story is more about Ender and his inner struggles and battles than and impending war. Ender has to come to terms with his destiny and who he is, accept the dark side of his psyche. Motivated by his love for his sister and terrified of being like his brother back on earth, he fulfills his destiny.

well written, and yet simply in the writing style, this book keeps you captivated and wanting to read more, when I first read it I could not put it down. You will fall in love with this book. Characters you can really learn to love and hate. I found myself sympathizing and even understanding the characters, and even suffered a bit of emotional trauma at the hands of this book. By far one of the best books I have ever read. A highly recommended read as well as all the other books in the Enderverse

I give this book 10 out of 10 book worms

  1. shenekarushell says:

    Great review, comparing life as we know it now and Ender’s world. i’m also doing a review on this book. check out my blog 🙂

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