Posted: May 23, 2013 in Book Reviews


This is the 17th book in the Dune Saga. Written by Brian Herbert the late Frank Herbert’s son and Kevin J Anderson. This book follows 3 primary story lines which do not yet merge or the link is not evident in the story, however with the forthcoming Mentats of Dune i’m sure a lot of the loose ends will be cleared up.This book follows the Butlerian anti technology religion lead by Manford Torondo a legless man that lost his legs to thinking machines, The bene Gesserit sisterhood of Raquella Berto-anirul and Vorian Atredies a hero of the machine wars. (for this story you can read Dune : The butlerian Jihad, Dune: the machine crusade and Dune: the battle of corin)

This book deals with many themes and situations which are not unique to this story but we can see happening in our world today as well. One of the primary themes is mankind’s enslavement to our technology and the dangers of religious extremism and terrorist activity’s that tend to follow such religious fervor. Manford Torondo’s Butlerians follow him without question and commit murder and acts to terrorism in the name of his god in an effort to destroy all technology and free mankind from our dependence on technology. WE see from this story line how the emperor Corinno is bullied and gives into special interest of the bulterians and bullied into submission

The Bene Gesserit sisterhood en devours to maximize human ability through drugs death and survival and plays god with the human species through extensive breeding records. They attempt to control the advancement of humanity and it has unexpected consequences for the Sisterhood

Vorian Atredies is running for his life from both the harkonnens and a brother and sister he did not know he had. His story lines follows the revenge that house harkonnen wants to inflict on him and his family. After forcing the empire to protect his family from slavers he must be exiled to the harsh desert world of dune where he soon learns that his life is in danger but people he did not even know were after him.

Overall this is a great book and very enjoyable read. Well written and complex it deals with many aspects of humanity that we don’t often think about. Its a great Addition to the Dune universe and highly recommended

I give this book 9/10 book worms


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